Production company led by female creatives based in Kreuzberg.

BERLIN-BASED Production company led by female creatives




The documentary “Sound of Berlin" is a journey through the capital of electronic music”. ► MORE INFO

A heartbroken young woman follows a hipster fling to France where she falls headlong into a hedonistic romp.  ► MORE INFO




Kaputt – The Series


Four generations. Four perspectives on Berlin. One rhythm that ties it all together: Techno. One collective dream: changing the system.

LANGUAGE: German, English


„In my films I always wanted to make people see deeply. I don't want to show things, but to give people the desire to see.“






Carolina Thiele


Stories and settings will even make the most strenuous trips worthwhile to her. And naturally she champions the highest of disciplines: being a talent scout. It seems to be her gift to perfectly match the right set of people for the right kind of project. 

Studied acting at the university of Casa des Artes de Laranjeiras in Rio de Janeiro and at the Munich Film Academy (München Film Akademie). She is a proud student of (the) legends Susan Batson and Paul Haggis. 

Experienced mainly in being in front of or behind the camera of several film projects of all kinds of formats. Next to being cast as an actress for tv shows (Ein Fall von Liebe), tv films (Tatort, Shakespeare’s letzte Runde, König von Berlin) and image films of a more experimental nature (Welcome to Farewell), she has also acted in music videos for young artists (The Ji – Life Is Hard). 


Nina Müller

Unbeatable at long distance running as a teenager, today she both hails and curses public transport, while her perseverance, patience and attention to detail are devoted to her work. 

Studied German and educational studies as well as economic and social history at TU Dresden – on an applaudable level. All the while cultivating a certain reputation at the local art college, which among other things regularly prompted the question: “Will you be graduating this year?” 

Experienced mostly in working as a director’s and dramatic advisor’s assistant for numerous theatrical productions (Schauspiel Köln, Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, Barbican Centre), as a writer (private customers, newspapers) and an organiser of several cultural events in Dresden and Berlin.